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Complete verification programs are our main service, however, we also offer other personal property ad valorem services including, but not limited to:

  • Public Relations Guidance
  • Appeal Support
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Staff Training
  • Data Input Service
  • Busy Season Assistance
  • Personal Property Discovery
  • Ad Valorem Consulting
  • Partial Verification Programs
  • Maintenance Programs

As you know, each county tax assessor's office in the state of Georgia is required by law to determine the fair market value of all real and personal properties and to maintain equity between these classes of property.  Historically, lack of either time or experience has made this a difficult task for most appraisal staffs.  In order to provide better equity between real and personal properties, the 2000 Appraisal Procedures Manual now requires reviews and audits to be done on business accounts.

The purpose of the TBS Comprehensive Verification Program is to assist your county by assuring that equal treatment is provided to all taxpayers. This is accomplished through the establishment of a business personal property compliance service in which all accounts are examined.  Our program will also enhance your county's personal property digest review from the Georgia Revenue Department.

The discovery of unreported property will generate additional tax dollars for your county.  In most cases, the fees for the Verification Program average a 4:1 ratio from tax dollars to fees paid.  This program will also build your tax base for future years.  Most importantly, the TBS Business Personal Property Verification Program will improve equity and fairness in your personal property digest.

Click the following link if you need additional Business Personal Property Reporting Forms.

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