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Frequently Asked Questions

How is billing done with TBS?
Fees are not based on a contingency fee basis, but rather on a "per review" basis.  These fees are "all inclusive" of expenses incurred by TBS during the verification process of each account.  Fees for reviews are locked in; the overall cost of the program would not vary, unless the number of accounts was changed.  TBS offers "Two Month Billing." We also give you the opportunity to reduce the fees by up to 5% by paying the bill earlier.
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Is TBS considered a qualified vendor by GA Dept. of Revenue?
Yes, TBS has been selected by the Georgia Department of Revenue as one of the recommended vendors to conduct personal property services throughout the state of Georgia.

Must the auditor or accountant be a CPA to conduct such services?
The Georgia Department of Revenue (GDR) has stated in the Appraisal Procedure Manual (APM) that county "...appraisal staffs shall perform ....audits of the records of the property owners, to verify the returns of personal property" (APM pg. 17d).  Although the APM does define the scope of the audit work performed, it does NOT suggest or require that a CPA perform personal property audits.  However, the APM does state that the counties may contract with an "...audit specialist..." (APM pg. 172.) to perform these audits.  Also, the GDR teaches a verification program to county personnel, and does not place any requirements on anyone taking the course. TBS is more than qualified to be your vendor of choice. Of our current staff, over half have previously worked for Georgia County Tax Assessors as business personal property appraisers and/or auditors. When looking at qualifications such as education and certifications, it has been our experience that this government/taxpayer "hands-on" training is the most beneficial asset when dealing with ad valorem verification reviews, audits and public relations.

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